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Visitor's Guide

Whether you choose to simply enjoy 80 acres or venture out there's plenty to do. Beaver Creek is located in a rural area, but there are plenty of scenic attractions nearby. We hope this guide helps you to find everything you are looking for.


Chesterville Corner Store - 7 minutes away. Beverages, pizza, burgers, snacks. Small country store. 1 gas pump.


Flying Pond Variety - 12 minutes away. More extensive grocery selection, grill, beverages, gas, hardware store. 


Beyond these two local stores, the next option is to travel to Farmington. Farmington is a college town (U of Maine Farmington) and offers a pleasant, walkable, old-fashioned New England downtown with restaurants and shops.  Farmington has a major grocery store, Hannaford, and a Walmart.



Scapes Cafe and Bakery - Excellent spot for breakfast and lunch, 10 minutes away on Lake Minnehonk

Homestead Kitchen Bar - Upscale dining in downtown Farmington


The Roost - Pub and Wingery. Pub grub, basement bar.


CalzolaioExcellent restaurant that we highly recommend on Wilson Lake in Wilson. Reservations recommended.

Village Inn - Upscale waterfront dining in Belgrade Lakes.


There are numerous other restaurants in Farmington, including Thai and Mexican. The next largest city is the state capitol Augusta, only 30 minutes away. It also has everything you would need for shopping and dining. 

Water Activities

Parker Pond is the largest body of water closest to Beaver Creek. Even though it is called a pond, it is actually a 2.5 square mile lake. It has a public boat launch where you can launch kayaks and we recommend paddling out to one of the state-owned, publicly available islands. Most of the islands have campsites, and 2 of them have vintage, restored cabins open for you to explore. Discovering these islands may be one of the highlights of your trip. We enjoy boating out to the islands and swimming around them. In late July and August, expect plentiful blueberries on the island shorelines. 


Egypt Pond is only 4 minutes away with a boat launch. This is a smaller pond and very quiet and makes for a nice peaceful kayak.


Norcross Pond has a small access area right at the bottom of the hill on Norcross Hill Road, 2 minutes from Beaver Creek. Launch kayaks here or take a dip to cool off.

The Chimney is an area with 2 boat launches next to each other into 2 different bodies of water, separated by a dam/waterfall. Larger Echo Lake and smaller Taylor Pond are both great kayaking options. 8 minutes away.


If you are looking for a best-kept secret, backcountry swimming experience then go to Basin Pond. Basin’s water is exceptionally clear; you can see deep down. There are no cabins or buildings on Basin. Please respect the land and pack in and pack out, no littering please! Contact us directly for the (secret) directions to Basin!


We can go on and on with all the water options- let us know if you would like even more info. A great description of the lakes can be found here- on the 30 Mile River Watershed website.


Parker Pond Headland Preserve Hike -This is the closest hike and an easy one. Park here, and walk down Fellows Cove road. The Kennebec Land Trust manages this beautiful area that overlooks Parker pond.


If you are looking for the true Maine Mountain hiking experience, we recommend heading to the Weld Area, which is the launch point for the Western Maine Mountains.


Recommended hikes in the Weld area:

Bald Mountain is an easier hike with a great view at the top. Good hike with young children. 

Mt. Blue is the largest mountain in the area and can be seen from a distance. 


Tumbledown is a strenuous hike, but it’s worth it. There is a lake at the summit, that will cool you down on a hot day.


After a Weld area hike, we recommend looking into reservations at the Kawanhee Inn. Excellent food, with an incredible sunset/mountain view on Webb Lake.


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