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It All Started With The Runway

Cleared To Land In The Maine Wilderness

If the idea of taxiing your aircraft up to a cabin, pulling the mixture, and starting to relax right away appeals to you, then Beaver Creek is for you.

Like a lot of big, crazy ideas, it started with a lot of daydreaming. We thought, how can we build a grass airstrip in the Maine wilderness, close to beautiful lakes and recreation so that it is easy for GA pilots to fly in and start your relaxation right away?

After months of pondering, planning, and debating, we purchased the 80 acres in the spring of 2022. Once we broke ground on the runway in the summer of 2022, with the help of some hard-working excavators, we realized, "Hey! This is actually going to work!" From there, we started to think about how we could share this beautiful piece of land, so we moved forward on our second phase- building a beautiful A-Frame cabin for guests to spend the night. 

A courtesy truck is available for pilots- for grocery runs, to go out to eat, or to load kayaks and head out to one of the 5+ nearby lakes and ponds. Beaver Creek is tucked into the woods, and when you are there, you feel like you are hundreds of miles from civilization, but several small towns with all the conveniences are nearby. 

Here is the airstrip information on Airnav.

Now that runway 17/35 is complete, a video and a landing/orientation guide is be available for all guests who have active Airbnb/VRBO reservations.

If you are interested in booking,
 click here. If you are not ready yet, but would like information on openings, runway details, etc,  join our mailing list .
Registered Airbnb/VRBO Guests, Access Pilot Landing Guide Here:


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