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Coming - 2024

We are planning to build a fly-in campsite on the property- creekside. It will be optimized for fly-in visitors... with a tent platform all ready to go and gear that campers need but don't want to cut into their cargo load on their aircraft. Tie down your aircraft steps away from backwoods camping. An outdoor bathroom with heated shower is being planned as well.

We are also brainstorming a grocery service. Pre-order your camping groceries, and they can be delivered before you arrive. 

If you are interested in being emailed once the campsite is open, join our mailing list here.

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Connecting Pilots With The Backcountry

If you are a pilot and love the outdoors, you know there is nothing more special than using your aircraft to get away from it all. Beaver Creek will offer just that—a chance to fly non-stop from your home airport into the Maine wilderness. 

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